Ennea-Journaling Daily Check-In

Journal writing takes all kinds of forms, from lengthy multi-part flow-writing exercises, to making lists, to using springboards and sentence prompts, to just splatting out whatever occurs to you. If you’re not in the habit of keeping a journal—or if you don’t think you have time or don’t know how to do it—the idea of starting one can seem daunting.

The Ennea-Journaling Daily Check-In is a great place to start. It’s structured in that it provides several prompts for each of the three centers. If you fill it out daily or a few days a week, over time you’ll likely begin to notice some patterns. Maybe you often have trouble coming up with something to write about one center, for example. Even though the Check-in doesn’t require a huge commitment of time, it still helps increase self-observation and self-awareness. And there’s a section at the bottom where you can declare your intentions for the following day.

You may decide you want to explore something from your Check-in at greater length, so it’s always good to have a notebook, pad of paper, or journal handy. The easiest way to expand your journaling is to write a topic sentence at the top of a page and flow-write for a page or two or set a timer for a certain amount of time (five or ten minutes is a good place to start).  Flow-writing requires only that you keep your pen or pencil moving across the paper. If you feel stuck, write that you’re stuck or write nonsense words. Eventually you’ll pick up the “flow” again. And you may be surprised to find out what comes out from the end of your pen.

Feel free to print and make as many copies of the Daily Check-in as you’d like.

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