Ennea-Journaling the Aggressive Stance

Aggressive types come in all shapes, sizes, and packages. Sure they can be loud, obnoxious, and bombastic, but they can also be deceptively mild-mannered. No matter what their outward appearance and demeanor may be, Aggressive types all have a steely determination when it comes to going after what they want.

We will either find a way or make one.

— Hannibal

Are you only too familiar with what it’s like to take the Aggressive stance—either because you do or because you live, work, or otherwise spend time with an Aggressive type? Or does the concept of taking this stance seem not only alien but more than a little frightening?

Everyone accesses the Aggressive stance to some degree or in some situations. But for those types who access it the least often, the idea of developing it or even trying it on for size can seem daunting—and not necessarily appealing. But journal writing on this subject has a proven safety record.*

Here are some topics to use for journaling with a focus on the Aggressive stance—whether it’s your stance or not. In fact, if it isn’t your stance, but it’s the stance of someone you know, try writing one of the exercises from that person’s perspective. For flow-writing, set a timer, write the topic sentence at the top of a page, and then start writing. Keep your pen on the paper, even if you get stuck. If you still have more to write when your timer goes off, just keep going.

  • Write about what happens when you don’t get your way.
  • Write about a specific time when you felt strong or confident. Then write about a time when you felt weak.
  • Describe something you feel passionate about.
  • Write about what you have accomplished in life. What are you proudest of? What remains on your “to-do” list?
  • Write about defying or ignoring established authority.
  • Write about “stirring things up.”
  • Describe a risk you’ve taken. How did you feel? What was the outcome?
  • Write about pushing and getting through a difficult situation.

When you read over the list of topics, did you have any strong reactions, either positive or negative? Sometimes writing about the things you have a negative reaction to can be the most fruitful. But this isn’t an “eat your vegetables” kind of thing. Have fun with it.

NOTE: If you don’t know what your Enneagram stance is and want to find out, you can complete the Stance Keyword Comparison Checklist. There’s some information about stances under the “Interpreting the Results” section and also in this post.

~ ~ ~

*I completely made that up.


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