Type 6: Suspicious Minds

number_6This video clip on Type 6 from understandingpersonality.com suggests that life, for 6s, is akin to being trapped in an endless Halloween scene–or a scary fairy tale with no happy ending in sight.

It’s hard to feel safe when the witches and goblins are always after you. The deer-in-the-headlights expression on this 6‘s face below says it all.

The comments definitely have a theme. Here are three statements from three different participants:

…a constant checking for what’s going on
…you’re always watching your back
…it’s all about staying safe

Maybe 6s should come equipped with eyes in the backs of their heads.


2 responses to “Type 6: Suspicious Minds

  1. Life with my six friends is like, “ok…today he’s suspicious, and I’m the gobblin.” I see it and know it’s an anxiety swing. In the past, I have been direct in a critical sense just so the E-6 will feel “more at ease”. THEN they believe me and suspicion in general subsides. It can be tiring. 😉

  2. I have be some so aware of how I have habituated my worry. It’s like at the end of the day I sit down, kick my shoes off and instead of having a glass of wine I sigh and think : What shall I worry about?”

    My boyfriend is an 8 and I still have not gotten him to full understand the depth of relief I am feeling when I tell him “You make me feel safe.”

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