Type 9: Notoriously in Need of a Nap

9This is the video clip of Type 9 from understandingpersonality.com, the last one in the series. Viewing this from my perspective as an 8, I was keenly aware of being impatient at how slowly the keywords appear in the beginning and how many times the people being interviewed pause.

“Oh, get on with it,” my inner voice nearly shouted. Then I stopped and took a deep breath.

While 8s visibly expend their energy, 9s expend their energy internally. If you didn’t know that, you might wonder why they are the ones who are so tired. But I get that being a 9 can be exhausting. And I thought this was the most profound statement:

There’s a moment where you stop adapting.

You can almost feel this woman letting go. Ahhhh. 


5 responses to “Type 9: Notoriously in Need of a Nap

  1. of all the types that have crystalized for me, nines i misunderstand the most.
    2:50 to like 3:10 helped. The pause, the dreamy gathering of thought… I think it helped.

  2. I was introduced to enneagrams in the spring, have done a bit of reading since then, and am convinced I am a 9. This brief clip describes me very well, and helps confirm my belief.

    Until recently, I have strongly avoided standing out. finally, I have reached the “moment when 9s quit adapting” . One way I am being myself and standing out is the large tattoo (11″ x 5″) on my back that was started about a week ago.

    The video clip says that 9s have a strong capacity for love and compassion. The tattoo is of 3 red lilies on a pond. The reason I chose red lilies is the color symbolizes love and compassion. I guess I chose the right tattoo.

    This is the first time I have visited Nine Paths and the video clip on the home page is about Type 9. Coincidence? Yea, right…………

    • I applaud your tattoo! If you’ve reached that moment when 9s quit adapting, you might want to click on the Fatal Flaws page at the top and check out “Embrace Your Inner Troublemaker.” 🙂

      I think the Enneagram is amazing! Thanks for checking 9Paths out.

      • poetdonald

        “My Inner Troublemaker” describes (hopefully described) me beautifully. I remember talking to my former wife one day, telling her I was a sensitive guy and that my feelings were easily hurt. She responded that she didn’t realize that (we were married 32 years), she thought I was an easy going guy and everything just rolled off of me.
        I have made great strides embracing my inner trouble maker. There are people who are surprised at the current me, some even unhappy about it. But I will continue to embrace mi inner troublemaker, and be more authentic in my speech and actions.

  3. It’s interesting how people tend not to like it when we change. That’s one of the things that can keep people stuck. So more power to you in embracing your inner troublemaker. It can be fun to be less predictable and easygoing.

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