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The Assemblage Point

[P]erception takes place because there is in each of us an agent called the assemblage point that selects internal and external emanations for alignment. The particular alignment that we perceive as the world is the product of the specific spot where our assemblage point is located on our cocoon.

Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within

I don’t know about cocoons, but I completely understand the concept of the assemblage point. It’s the unique perspective from which we view ourselves, other people, and the world at large. It’s the perspective from which we assemble the world. We aren’t aware we’re doing it. We don’t even know we have an assemblage point. We’re under the impression that what we see “out there” is simply what’s out there. We believe that the way we think and feel and respond is entirely appropriate to whatever it is we’re thinking and feeling about or responding to. The way those other people think and feel and respond, however, is obviously just plain wrong.

Assemblage point and Enneagram type are really pretty similar. They might even be exactly the same thing. And the purpose of identifying one’s assemblage point is the same as the purpose of identifying one’s Enneagram type: to recognize it in order to escape from its trap.

[F]irst of all, one must become aware that the world we perceive is the result of our assemblage point’s being located on a specific spot on the cocoon. Once that is understood, the assemblage point can move almost at will, as a consequence of new habits.

That makes it sound easy when, of course, it’s anything but. Continue reading