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Psychic Entropy: What Gets in the Way?

Sometimes a temper tantrum is the most appropriate response to upsetting people, events, or situations. Or maybe it’s the only response we’re capable of when we’re overloaded with stress, which Webster’s Ninth defines as “a state of … bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existing equilibrium.

So being off balance also means being stressed. And change tends to put us off balance.

The Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale, also called the Life Change Index Scale, classifies the degree of impact that 43 different events—both positive and negative—are likely to have on a person’s life. Each event is assigned a numerical value, and the respondent is asked to check the events he or she has experienced in the past 12 months. Stress is often a precursor to illness, so the score not only indicates the amount of stress the person is under, but also the percent chance of illness: Continue reading