Type 5: Sponging Everything Up

fiveHere’s the clip on Type 5 from understandingpersonality.com. I think it’s fascinating that two of the people interviewed referred to having a “black hole” inside. The waiter I tentatively identified as a 5 last fall also made a reference to black holes.

There’s this black hole inside, and if you know enough you’re safe.

Could this be coincidental or might it be a commonality among 5s?

One response to “Type 5: Sponging Everything Up

  1. Mmmm like being perilously perched. On a tree limb I would grapple for purchase. That seems to be what 5’s do… grapple for secure hold on ideas so as not to fall (in). The (often) physical awkwardness could support their inner notion of fighting against the consuming “void”, of disappearing into the vortex. Great vid and comments. 😉

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